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FOREVER UNTOUCHABLE is a small business focused on the emotional intelligence of the Divine Feminine.

Our power comes from our emotions. When the Divine Feminine is connected she is intuitive, nurturing, and fierce. When the Divine Feminine is unstable she is jealous, manic, and depressed.  For this reason, the Divine Feminine must take care of her emotions so she is able to master her power.

Emotional intelligence begins with stability, awareness, and devotion. Through published works and virtual content, we are dedicated to teaching women the importance of these values.


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Jasmine Brianna Ellison

Blogger, Author, Spiritualist

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Ellison is a 30-year-old biracial woman born and raised in Meriden, Connecticut. Graduated with an Associate of Arts in Political Science in May 2020 and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies with a selective study in Philosophy. 

Ellison recently welcomed her first child. Through her work, she aims to pass her knowledge of spirituality, sociology, psychology, and philosophy on to her only son. Her writing reflects the trials and tribulations of a young woman turned mother left to raise a child in a single-parent household. With experience and education, she addressed emotional trauma for the sake of her son and began a journey to teach others to do the same. From fiction to non-fiction, her work can teach mothers and children the importance of emotional intelligence. 

As a self-published author, she has poured her blood, sweat, and tears into countless workbooks, stories, and poems with zero supervision or obligation. Although sometimes overwhelmed with her pursuit of success- her baby boy keeps her motivated. Without his existence, Ellison would not accomplish the goals she has ambitiously set. 

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